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Bahia Grass Website
Site dedicated to the Bahia Grass seed industry and the promotion of Bahia for turf and pasture, by Parsons & Sons, Inc., Wellborn, Florida.
Illustrated article on "The Sports Turf of the South" by Richard L. Duble, Turfgrass Specialist, Texas Agricultural Extension Service.
Chinch Bugs in Turfgrass
Ohio State University Extension Factsheet tells how to recognize chinch bugs, how to estimate the population present, and recommended methods of treatment.
Fire Ants News Alert
Find out how Brazilian phorid flies are used to battle fire ants.
Florida Lawn Handbook
Comprehensive publication by IFAS on Florida lawn selection and maintenance.
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Website of the University of Florida Turfgrass Science Program in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Discussion, turf-links, publications, weed management.

globe3314.gif (543 bytes)Florida Turfgrass Home Page
The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
provides comprehensive information on turgrass varieties for Florida and a directory of Florida Sod Producers.
Irrigation of Lawns and Gardens
IFAS publication by Dorota Z. Haman, Gary A. Clark, Allen G. Smajstrla.
globe3314.gif (543 bytes)Key for Identification of Turf Diseases
By Gary W. Simone, Plant Pathology Department, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida, Gainesville.
From the Yearly Calendar for St. Augustine Grass Care and Culture by L. B. McCarty and John L. Cisar - IFAS facts on the correct mowing height.
Preparing to Plant a Florida Lawn
IFAS publication by L. B. McCarty tells how it should be done.
globe3314.gif (543 bytes)St. Augustine Decline
Richard L. Duble, Turfgrass Specialist, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, reports on St. Augustine Decline (SAD),a virus causing a chlorotic mottling or stippling of St. Augustinegrass leaves and centipedegrass. The virus is widespread in Texas and has been reported in Louisiana and Arkansas.
globe3314.gif (543 bytes)St. Augustine Grass Disease Index
This Handbook published online by Texas A & MU has an index to St. Augustine diseases linked to illustrated fact sheets on each.
Sample Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Contract
Before hiring a lawn service, read this IFAS Fact Sheet outlining the contents and specifications of a good contract.
Selecting a Lawn Maintenance Service
IFAS Fact Sheet by L. B. McCarty makes suggestions on how to choose a service.
Selecting a Turfgrass for Florida Lawns
IFAS Fact Sheet by L. B. McCarty outlines considerations for selecting the right turfgrass variety.
Thatch and Its Control in Florida Lawns
The facts about thatch from IFAS turfgrass experts L. B. McCarty and John L. Cisar.
Turfgrass Science

Copious info on Florida turf from the IFAS Ft. Lauderdale Research Center.
Water Quality and Professional Lawn Care
Best Management Practices for lawn care, by A. H. Bruneau, Extension Crop Science Specialist, L. T. Lucas, Extension Plant Pathology Specialist, S. C. Hodges, Extension Soil Science Specialist, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.
Weed Control Guide for Florida Lawns
This IFAS publication includes photo identifications of common lawn weeds, by L. B. McCarty, Commercial Turf Specialist, University of Florida, Gainesville.
Your Yard and Clean Air
Pollution prevention in your own backyard, by the USEPA.


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